Mission: Pioneers.


Curasolutions has devoted its energies to the creation of an entirely new dimension in the field of disinfection and hygiene security.

We are focused on developing and marketing disinfectant solutions for nearly all areas of life. We give prime importance to sustained disinfection and the elimination of undesirable microorganisms utilizing only natural active substances for this purpose.

Based on our bio-economical approach, we try to use active substances with great stringency in order to protect natural resources and establish standards in human as well as environmental toxicology. We achieve this goal by creating solutions that potentiate the effect of known active substances on a natural basis. We are always looking for alternatives to conventional chemistry and employ the process of enhancing active substances by the use of micellization.

Our business model includes the development of disinfectant solutions with external partners as well, preparing the respective products for the market, and utilizing our technologies and products by issuing licenses on a global basis. Our portfolio is protected by patent law and trademark law, which enables us to issue licenses on a geographical basis as well as for individual applications.

Place your trust in strategies from nature. Work towards sustainability.

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