The Solution

HYDRO L.O.G.® is a composition of superior efficacy for antimicrobial and antioxidant treatment of aqueous liquids and water-based biofilms. HYDRO L.O.G.® enables significantly improved inhibition of microbial growth and, in addition, offers sizeable ecological and economic advantages. HYDRO L.O.G.® is composed of micelle-forming solutes from plant extracts, an emulsifier plus water and only biodegradable, antimicrobially active ingredients belonging to the class of peroxides.

The combination of such micelle-forming plant extracts with an antimicrobial agent explains the highly improved activity against microorganisms. Such enhancement significantly exceeds the expected additive antimicrobial activity of the single constituents, since the active agents are incorporated into natural micelle packages, which facilitate the penetration of biofilms or bacterial cell walls.

Results with HYDRO L.O.G.® demonstrate that HYDRO L.O.G.® achieves significantly improved antibacterial efficacy against e.g. L. pneumophila compared to non-micelle preparations of the same antimicrobial agent.


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