Using HYDRO L.O.G.® as an additive to process or cooling water, reliably and sustainably eliminates pathogens and deactivates existing biofilms. It also effectively prevents biofilm formation.

Microorganisms in humidification water as well as water pipes can be effectively destroyed, thereby eliminating a contamination risk.

Whether as a disinfectant or prophylaxis: HYDRO L.O.G.® is effective against pathogens and so it guards against risks of infections. HYDRO L.O.G.® is compatible with all types of materials, is non-corrosive and has an antimicrobial effect even in drains.


  • Environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Easy to apply and dose
  • Non-corrosive – compatible with all types of materials
  • Secures entire water systems
  • No contamination of groundwater, soil or downstream purification plants

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