AIR L.O.G.® is a technology for indoor air hygiene that sets new standards in securing a hygienic environment.

Used in conjunction with our AIR L.O.G.® ultrasonic diffusion technology, this process sterilizes microbiologically contaminated air, ventilation ducts, surfaces and interiors, reliably and sustainably. With specially developed modules for cold atomization all surfaces as well as the air in the room are reached. And all this at full staff attendance.

AIR L.O.G.® is being successfully applied in the medical arena as well, where it is used to combat pathogens, including the hospital pathogens MRSA and norovirus.


  • No-Touch Disinfection
  • Permanent maintenance disinfection
  • Eliminates human error factor
  • Disinfection at full room occupancy
  • Reaches all surfaces in the room
  • Biofilm elimination in process technology
  • Not temperature-sensitive


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