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Germ elimination and disinfection

Natural liquids disinfect process and cooling water reliably and in an environmentally friendly way.

For germ elimination and disinfection (article in German)

Water disinfection and Biofilm control: Natural liquids disinfect process and cooling water safely and environmentally friendly

Active ingedients are compatible with all types of material and non-toxic.

Water Disinfection and Biofilm control (article in German)

Why biofilms are hard to eliminate

The surface condition of microorganisms depends, amongst others, on the existing nutritive substances.

Why biofilms are hard to eliminate (article in German)

Deadly Germs: Dramatic shortcomings in hospital hygiene

Stern tested the level of hygiene in 17 German hospitals. The results reveal dramatic shortcomings.

Deadly Germs: Dramatic Shortcomings in Hospital Hygiene (article in German)

Hospital Germs: Hospitals do not take every possible measure to combat them

While infection levels may not be on the rise, it is nevertheless possible to reduce them, says a leading expert.

Hospital Germs: Hospitals Do Not Take Every Possible Measure to Combat Them (article in German)

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