At crowded places hygiene is a special priority.

Whether in a hotel, school or aircraft: via specially developed nebulizer modules, AIR L.O.G.® enters a ventilation system’s volume flow.

Atomization ensures intense germ elimination. The system can be easily installed into both existing and new ventilation systems to provide permanent sterilization of the air stream and all surfaces inside air ducts.

HYDRO L.O.G.® is added to water-transport networks in air conditioning and ventilation systems for long-term prevention of microbial contamination.

There is no corrosion or biofilm formation during either of the processes.

Preferred areas of use are: hotels, public buildings, airports, office buildings, schools, but also aircraft, trains and ships.


  • Non-toxic
  • Mitigates the risk of infection in germ-contaminated environments
  • Maintenance disinfection without interrupting operation and at full staff attendance
  • Increases productivity – fewer sick days
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