CIP systems, Beverage tap machines and Beverage dispensers
Effective and reliable prevention of biofilms

Cleaning in Place (CIP) systems with an integrated CIP control system are used to clean and disinfect production plants, pipelines, and filters in the food and beverage industry; this is done locally on a fully automatic basis. CIP processes, however, are aligned to the respective beverage or food, but usually follow the same process steps such as pre-rinsing and intermediate rinsing with water, rinsing cycles with detergents, and disinfection as the final step.
Detergents used for this purpose include alkaline solutions (such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide), acidic solutions based on organic acids, or even chlorinated alkaline detergents (such as sodium hypochlorite). Furthermore, the process largely employs disinfectant solutions that provide the necessary active oxygen for the oxidization of undesirable microorganisms. Hydrogen peroxide is given preference because of its environmental compatibility, but must be used in high concentrations. Besides, it may cause long idle periods for the system because of its long exposure time.
During CIP, HYDRO L.O.G.® introduces small doses of the active substance hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into the pipelines and systems. Enhancement of the active substance permits smaller doses and shorter exposure times than those used with conventional active substances, while the full effect is achieved even on biofilms.

Hygiene is of essential importance even in beverage tap machines and beverage dispensers. Disinfectants containing chlorine and alcohol are rejected to an increasing extent in order to ensure an environment-friendly approach and not influence the taste of foods and beverages. HYDRO L.O.G.® has proved its value here because it permits stringent use of hydrogen peroxide.
Pipes and the biofilms contained in pipes within beverage tap machines and beverage dispensers are treated effectively with HYDRO L.O.G.® because the antimicrobial effect unfolds directly at the site of operation. Due to the natural enhancement of the active substance, HYDRO L.O.G.® is highly effective even in low concentrations, thus exerting a protective effect on material as well as the environment.



  • Reliable elimination of pathogens in water and biofilm
  • Low concentrations of the active substance because of its enhancement
  • Safe in terms of human toxicology
  • Protective of material and the environment
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