Gentle, effective, cost-efficient: AIR L.O.G.® ensures a safe reduction of pathogens. But without the hassles associated with traditional, error-prone manual disinfection.

AIR L.O.G.®, the CuraSolutions ultrasonic atomization method, distributes the particles without producing condensates. Hospital germs such as MRSA or norovirus are effectively inactivated over the long term – without the need for staff to vacate the premises.

HYDRO L.O.G.® provides long-term protection of water-transport systems in medical equipment. It reliably sanitizes dental units and prevents the formation of biofilm.

Ideal for hospitals, doctors' offices, veterinarians and pharmacies.


  • Highly effective against nosocomial hospital-acquired infections (MRSA, norovirus)
  • No-Touch Disinfection – thorough, cost-effective, safe
  • Sterilizes room air and all surfaces
  • Non-allergenic
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